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Gray Hackle Day

How do you define beauty? Is it something you feel? Is it how you express yourself? Is it through meaningful interpretation? For me, beauty is found in nature. I express this love through a unique style that moves beyond a landscape into a stylistic embrace of the emotion ignited by a hike, an exhale, a transient experience, or a simple moment of relaxation in a special place... a place like Gray Hackle on a perfect day watching the clouds drift across the sky.

This 40" x 30" acrylic painting was inspired by a cloud gazing moment as I felt grateful for the memories and beauty surrounding this extraordinary space. Drop by my studio at the Smiley Building ArtRoom in Durango anytime to chat about your favorite cloud day. #abstractlandscape, #southwestlandscape, #acrylicpainting, #largeart, #originalart, #officeart, #theartroomcollective, #animasriver, #Durangoart, #SanJuanMountains, #cloudart

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