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Pursue beauty through art.

How do you define beauty? Is it something you feel? Is it how you express yourself? Is it through meaningful interpretation? For me, beauty is found in nature. I express this love through a unique style that moves beyond a landscape into a stylistic embrace of the emotion ignited by a hike, an exhale, a transient experience, or a simple moment of relaxation in a special place. Nature nurtures my appreciation for how art can move effortlessly beyond the practical into the philosophical. Life itself may be ephemeral, but capturing these fleeting encounters on canvas and pairing them with the emotions of the day is wildly satisfying.


Life is a balance of hardship, goodness, and blessings. Hardships can offer an opportunity to connect and support one another through compassion. Beauty can be discovered even in a chaotic world. Although not Pollyanna, I roll through life with realistic optimism as my modus operandi. I aim to express this through my art and believe there is artistry to be explored in every situation. 


What whispers of an interest do you hear in your soul? How can you turn a hobby into a passion that leaves a positive mark in this world? I hope my art encourages you to search for your passion, to pursue beauty and explore its meaning in your life. 

I feel immensely blessed for the opportunity to explore and develop my artistic style in my studio.

Albeit small, my studio at the Smiley Building ArtRoom lives large in its opportunity to express beauty and celebrate nature.

My art forms:

Large-Scale Acrylic Paintings

These formats express stylistic landscapes through an atmospheric, abstract interpretation derived from nature. 

Oil Paintings

Oils help capture the same scene in a more ethereal, gauzy style that blends scenes into a softer focus. 

Bite-Sized Kitchen Culinary Art

Food is so vibrant, and I find oils are the best medium for encompassing the power of the elements that sustain us. These 8" x 8" cradleboard canvases are perfect for a kitchen corner.

Pet Portraits

You know them, you love them, why not capture them on canvas?

Commissioned Paintings

If you share my ideals around art and beauty and have a desire for a painting that embraces this philosophy, let’s talk. I’d love to learn how we could turn your gratitude into a fresh expression for the beauty you find in your life. Let’s create a piece of art that will help you treasure this emotion forever. I enjoy writing affirmations, client quotes, prayers, and intentions on the canvas to begin paintings. I keep these thoughts in mind as I paint, and they are an integral part of the creative process. Click here to see a timelapse process of a special commission.

Large-Scale Acrylic Paintings


Oil Paintings


Smaller Food Oil Paintings


Pet Paintings

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