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Animas Refresh

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

The late autumn snow is melting from our aspens, and although I'm already missing paddle boarding on our Animas river, I'm ready for ski season. It's a good time to be back in the studio, too!

This 40" x 30" acrylic painting was inspired by Durango's Animas River and the sense of revitalization that comes from a wade in its waters, a paddle board upon the surface, or simply being in its presence. It inspires me to think about each drop's journey through the San Juan Mountains as it cascades through rocky slopes, pines and breathtaking views. Drop by my studio at the Smiley Building ArtRoom in Durango anytime to chat about your favorite aspect of the Animas. #abstractlandscape, #riverart, #southwestlandscape, #acrylicpainting, #largeart, #originalart, #officeart, #theartroomcollective, #animasriver, #Durangoart, #SanJuanMountains

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