(In case you're curious, it's pronounced Sih-Mee-Atch,
short for Cindy Miller Atchison...)  

With an artist's soul and over 25 years of experience in creative design business, it's my pleasure to help you tell your business's story through quality graphic design. The world must know what you've got, and I'm here to make sure that with every piece of marketing you place out there, you'll put your best face forward.

Graphic design is simply practical storytelling with a splash of creative flair.  At its core, design is problem solving, and the vehicles we use to get you from boring to unforgettable include sleek packaging, printed marketing materials and business identity campaigns fit to reflect your values. 

My professional journey launched with a BA in Graphic Design and a minor in fine arts from the University of Cincinnati. Over the years, I've interned with agencies based in New York City, San Francisco, St. Louis and London, served as art director for Albuquerque-based Starlight Publishing, created marketing and proposal graphics for Northrop Grumman and taught editorial design at the University of New Mexico. This deep understanding of business endeavors spanning the continent (and ocean!) echoes in my work, producing a combo of coastal modernity, Midwestern approachability and the rich flavors of the Southwest.

Although I have a systematic approach to logo design, and efficient problem-solving methods, I've learned that the best designs aren't often created first. After a lot of clawing through logical solutions, those creative moments and inspiration still catch me by surprise. I love when happy accidents occur!    

Based out of beautiful Durango, Colorado, my free moments are spent gardening, gluten-free cooking, standup-paddleboarding, skiing, biking and spending time with my husband and twin boys. I also volunteer my craft with community nonprofits and schools, offering internship opportunities to inspire and educate students about this exciting profession. 

Whether you're trying to define your identity, or need help sprucing up your brand, let's talk.

And of course feel free to peruse my portfolio for work samples. 

I look forward to chatting about your ideas.

Meanwhile, thanks for visiting!


"From the initial consult to the final product working with Cindy is effortless.  Her approach to design is thoughtful and inclusive. She is professional, thorough and highly efficient."

—  Kristin Polens, MA, Clinic Director
—  Cecile Fraley, CEO, Pediatric Partners