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Cindy Miller Atchison | Flavor

Share passion through flavor.

What’s better than connecting with others over a shared meal? If you’re like me, then you’ll agree that food is love, and food is life. Food can also be a luscious, succulent, yummy adventure. These adventures in gourmet exploration elevate memories that are savored long after the last fork is put away. 


The joy of introducing a new flavor combination is a seriously enchanting culinary pleasure. I’ve always loved inventive flavors. When I was no longer able to relish dairy or gluten, I accepted the challenge to concoct mouthwatering seasonings and sauces without my previously beloved ingredients. I discovered that sometimes deprivation actually is the mother of invention. I’ve grown to not even miss the gluten or dairy - and I believe you can, too!


Join me as we explore some of my favorite tongue teasers, sides, entrees, and desserts. With a dash of passion and a sprinkle of mischief, you can also create unexpectedly delicious spreads for friends and loved ones. Let’s eat!

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