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February 2024
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If you have a special moment or scene you'd like to capture in a painting, please contact me about a commissioned piece of art.


Caught in Awe – A Love Story
triptych – three 24" x 48" canvases  |  acrylic on canvas

Most of us know someone who is an inspiration... one who consistently impresses and affirms in such a way that you feel better just thinking of them. Donna is that person for me – ever thoughtful, intelligent, beautiful, and, for a while, single. Let me tell you her love story...


Donna is full of love, lives life to the fullest in beautiful Washington State, and wished to find a partner to share her rich life with. After a few "meh" dating experiences, she pretty much thought all the ships had sailed and was prepared to find a tugboat…a solid tugboat for adventuring. Little did she know a yacht would come into port. Enter John! A mutual friend put two and two together and made a long-distance introduction. Although they live 1300 miles apart, they speak hours each night remotely. This commissioned painting, "Caught in Awe," was inspired by the Oregon beach where they first met in person, then John and Donna sailed off into the sunset!!


They're feeling extremely blessed right now. He’s her person. And she's his. And they're feeling such gratitude and love right now. It’s pretty amazing.

John&Donna Art._FINALish.jpg
DonnaJohn Process_flat.jpg
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