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With humble roots in a small community on the border of Austria and the Czech Republic, Stöger Oils grew into an award-winning culinary delight gracing the world stage. This gourmand treasure is produced on a family farm in Neuruppersdorf, Austria, where pumpkin seed oil is propped on dinner tables throughout the region right beside the salt and pepper.


With 100-percent pure, cold-pressed seed oils found inside each bottle, only a simple, clean product design could showcase the elegance of this fine food. The sharp logo and photographs on the packaging identify each bottle's singular ingredient and plant source, while the top band's hue reflects the oil's natural color.


At the 2013 San Francisco Fancy Food Show, Stöger Oils was named a Top Five Food Trend out of 80,000 products shown! CiMiAtch is proud to have helped Stöger Oils define their fresh business identity, packaging and print design worthy of such an honor.

Stöger Package Design
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