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Create. Contribute. Connect.

My contribution to this community shines through artful expression, meaningful brand designs, and unforgettable flavors. My hope is these influences will inspire an appreciation for beauty in a chaotic world and never-ending acts of kindness in the Four Corners and beyond.

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The scenes I capture in my art carry you beyond the landscape toward a stylistic embrace of nature in its purest breath. Explore what’s possible behind moody clouds, vibrant seasons, and endless horizons that softly guide you to a place of peace and reflection.

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I respect your vision for your work and would be honored to partner with you to develop a business brand that best captures your values, quality, and journey. Together, let’s craft your visual credibility and tell folks why they should trust you to help them live their best lives.


I believe food is love and a shared meal is the heart of family, community, and a diverse universe. A tasty gathering has the power to lift spirits, heighten memories, and make lifelong connections. Follow me to the kitchen to discover some of my most surprising recipes.

What moves me:

For nearly three decades, I’ve pushed my work as an artist, designer, and cuisinier to communicate meaning, encourage connection, express gratitude, and seek beauty always. My goal is to inspire your personal pursuit of beauty and open your world to renewed, deeper connections with nature, your work, and other people – elements that make our collective journeys so sweet.

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Tell your story through design.

How do you wish to make your mark on this world? Get to the heart of what you want to say, who you want to be, and the legacy you hope to leave behind. Together, let’s craft your visual credibility and launch your business or idea to the next level through professional graphic design.


You’ve poured your heart and soul into your business, so its quality and values should be reflected in your business identity. Your work efforts deserve an experienced graphic designer who can fashion the best logo, package, website, or printed graphics for your specific business needs. After all, these pieces are instrumental in the growth and ultimate success of your business. 


I recognize that your story is unique and requires careful, compassionate communication to showcase to Durango, Southwest Colorado, and beyond. I also take great pride in the long-term relationships I’ve developed with design clients who value trustworthy, loyal business associates as much as I do. 


Whether you're trying to define your identity or need help sprucing up your brand, let's talk about how we could tell your business's story through graphic design. Let’s make your mark.


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