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Acrylic vs Oil... What's your favorite?

We have so much to celebrate this Holiday Season! Let’s start with the creative process...

The ArtRoom at the Smiley has provided space for the creative process to take hold, allowing room to explore different styles, mediums and techniques. I'm currently loving the graphic, layered, quick-drying nature of acrylic paintings (and clouds! I love painting cloudscapes at the moment). But I ALSO love the ethereal, gauzy feeling that oil paintings can provide. These two paintings were inspired by the same scene – a view looking north towards Falls Creek while enjoying a dinner with dear friends. I'm amazed how different mediums can have such a unique effect!

The ArtRoom Collective at the Smiley is having our Holiday Exhibition and Market this Saturday, December 10, from 10am - 5pm. You can browse, buy and be inspired... 22 artists will have their local art on display, and there will be five demonstrations on the hour -- lettering, photography, charcoal portraits, resin jewelry and painting.

I'll be demonstrating at 11:00 am — exploring the unique qualities of both oil and acrylic paints. Witness the creation of two cloudscape paintings in oil and acrylic to compare these two mediums. I hope to see you there!

The ArtRoom Collective is Durango's working studio gallery where 21 artists, jewelers, potters and others create and sell their handmade goods. We are a diverse, working studio gallery where artists create, collaborate and share their passion with the community.

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