Cindy Miller Atchison Art


Creative inspiration can be found in a multitude of ways. For me, the fine arts have been a great source of relaxation and an opportunity to move outside the box, whether painting for personal pleasure, design projects or banners for my local church. Rendering the adoration in a sheepdog's expression, capturing the succulence of a ripe pear or hiding colorful painted rocks for others to find brings joy into my world.


We Durangoans LOVE our public art! I submitted a City of Durango proposal for a 600 foot-long steel sculpture placed in the medians at the US 550/160 interchange in Durango, CO. After an online City vote, my proposal ran a close second in votes nationwide, so I didn't win the bid, but I was beyond proud that this sculpture concept received the vast majority of a local vote. 

“And the River Rolls On” proposal  was a series of 26 waves carefully crafted from 8’ x 4’ oxidized steel panels. Each panel would have been etched with symbols representing our community undercurrents, and embellished with mosaics crafted from recycled glass, river stones and found objects collected in community river field trips.

I look forward to more public art opportunities in the future!

Click here to view the proposal.

Cindy Miller Atchison Art
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